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Cuts by the Pound at Wyanet Locker

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Cuts by the Pound at Wyanet LockerMmmmm...juicy steaks, tender roasts, flavorful pork chops, whole chickens and hams...just a few of the many premium products we offer.

From a pound of ground beef to an entire pork loin, we can provide you with exactly what you need for a fantastic meal.

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Beef Steaks+ Expand All Details

Ribeye $15.59 lb
Porterhouse $10.39 lb
New York Strip $10.49 lb
Filet $21.00 lb
T-Bone $9.29 lb
Top Sirloin $7.59 lb
Sirloin Tip $4.59 lb
Top Round $4.59 lb
Butter $6.99 lb
Family $4.69 lb
Cubed $4.79 lb
Flank $8.00 lb
Skirt $7.79 lb

Beef Roasts+ Expand All Details

Sirloin Tip $4.29 lb
Tri Tip $8.99 lb
Boneless Rib $12.59 lb
Rolled Chuck $5.39 lb
Rump $4.09 lb
Flat Chuck $4.29 lb
Brisket $6.29 lb

Corned Beef+ Expand All Details

Brisket $7.89 lb
Round $4.59 lb

Beef+ Expand All Details

Stew Meat $4.59 lb
Back Ribs $3.99 lb
Filet Tips $7.99 lb
Soup Bones $3.99 lb
Heart $2.09 lb
Neck Bones $0.85 lb
Short Ribs $4.89 lb
Liver $1.79 lb
Oxtail $2.99 lb
Tongue $7.09 lb

Ground+ Expand All Details

Beef $3.89 lb
Chuck $4.39 lb
Round $4.69 lb

Buffalo+ Expand All Details

Ground Buffalo $16.00 lb
Roast (3lb-4lb) $11.99 lb
4-1 Patties $16.25 lb
New York Strip $11.00 ea

Lamb+ Expand All Details

Leg of Lamb $6.79 lb
Lamb Chops $12.49 lb

Chicken+ Expand All Details

Stewing $1.95 lb
Roasters $2.09 lb
Breasts $2.59 lb
Fryers $2.15 lb
Wings $3.49 lb
Thighs $1.59 lb
Legs $1.49 lb

Fowl+ Expand All Details

Ducks $3.15 lb

Wyanet Hams+ Expand All Details

Butt End $3.39 lb
Shank End $3.29 lb
Whole Ham $2.99 lb
Center Cut Slice $4.79 lb
Wyanet Bacon $6.50 lb

Pork+ Expand All Details

Bone-In Loin $1.79 lb
Boneless Loin $2.39 lb
Chops $2.85 lb
American's Cut $3.79 lb
Stuffed Cut Chops $3.15 lb
Back Ribs $4.29 lb
Smoked Chops $3.35 lb
Steak $1.89 lb
Boneless Roast $2.79 lb
End Cut Roast $1.69 lb
Country Ribs $1.89 lb
Spare Ribs $2.89 lb
Cutlets $2.49 lb
Riblets $2.29 lb
Fresh Side $4.75 lb
Pork Butts $1.89 lb
Butterfly Chops $3.89 lb
Liver $0.89 lb
Pork Filet View Details $3.19 ea

7-oz Bacon-Wrapped

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