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Delicious Deli Products at Wyanet Locker

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Delicious Deli Products at Wyanet LockerOur full-service deli counter caters to your sandwich needs! With a wide variety of deli meats and cheeses to choose from, the sandwich combinations are endless! Each meat and cheese is sliced to order so you can choose the thickness of each slice. Stop by and grab some fixin's for a fantastic sandwich!

We also sell cheese trays and meat-and-cheese trays for your group gatherings.

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Our Deli Lunch Meats

Boiled Ham $2.69 lb
Smoked Ham $3.99 lb
Regular Turkey Breast $5.19 lb
Bologna $1.89 lb
Wyanet's Bologna $2.49 lb
Wyanet's Cooked Corn Beef $6.49 lb
Wyanet's Cooked Roast Beef $6.49 lb
Old Fashion Loaf $5.79 lb
Hard Salami $5.49 lb
Genoa Salami $5.33 lb
P&P Loaf $5.89 lb
Olive Loaf $5.79 lb

Our Deli Cheeses

American $3.29 lb
Calico $3.99 lb
Sharp Cheddar $4.29 lb
Mozzarella $3.89 lb
Provolone $5.39 lb
Swiss $5.49 lb
Baby Swiss $8.39 lb
Muenster $4.49 lb
Longhorn $3.99 lb

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please call (815) 699-2208 or!